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I met Jesse a few years ago when we both got selected to be in the "No Matter What, Sweat. Every. Day. I WILL" campaign for Under Armour Women. The 2012 campaign was the most ambitious ad spot aimed at women to date, challenging them to "Sweat. Every. Day." The spot focused on real-deal yogis, fitness experts, and the avid gym goer as female athletes. Honestly, it was a fresh approach and a huge breakthrough in our industry, no longer were brands seeing us as just "fitness enthusiast" or models they were finally seeing us as the female athletes that we all are. Every girl chosen for the campaign was extraordinary and had been perfecting their craft since childhood. It was so fun watching each female show their skills, years of hard work and dedication shined through. I still remember when Jesse's turn was up, everyone in the room was in awe of her talent! Her strength and effortless movement was something I had never seen before in a yogi. It was no surprise to hear that Jesse had grown up in a ballet studio and had been a student of the sport since she was a little girl. See spot here.

But, there was something different that caught my attention the minute I met Jesse. It was more than her insane talent and beauty it was her energy. She is one of those women you meet that just end up "staying" with you. If you know Jesse ... you know what I am talking about. It's hard to explain until you meet her ... she is honestly one-of-a-kind. When Jesse and I started talking we connected on so many levels, but one which is very personal to me is the topic of Autoimmune Disorders. My mother has suffered from various autoimmue diseases her entire life. I have personally witnessed first-hand how food and exercise have directly affected my mothers quality of life. My mothers journey has been filled with endless visits to doctors, to trying natural remedies and somehow the road to living pain free always lead back to eating clean mixed with daily exercise. Growing up in this environment and seeing the power of eating real food and exercise changed my life forever. So, when Jesse shared with me her incredible story about living and THRIVING with Rheumatoid Arthritis we instantly connected on a much deeper level.

Today, I am beyond thrilled to share my beautiful friend, Jesse Golden with all of you! My hope is that her story helps anyone struggling with an autoimmue disorder understand they are not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Autoimmune disease is so common and I would hope Jesse's story leaves you feeling inspired and hopeful. Jesse has accomplished so many things in her career living and "moving" with RA. It's a great reminder that everyone you meet is flighting a battle you know nothing about. So, be kind ALWAYS.


Locker Room Chats x jesse golden


Jesse Golden is a mother, model, Holistic Health Practitioner, yoga teacher, creator of The Golden Secrets, and a woman thriving with rheumatoid arthritis.


Nickname: stretch 

1. best career advice? do you. stay true to your own path. don't compare yourself to what others are doing or not doing.

2. moment you felt like you made it? i'm on my way.

3. First big break into the BIZ? i was 19 years old laying out on a topless beach in south beach, miami and bruce weber's assistant took some polaroids! before cell phones! the next week i was in london shooting abercrombie and fitch in london with bruce weber. i was one of the first naked women in the catalog. it was revolutionary at the time. :)  

4. change you would like to see for women in our industry? i love the direction that our industry has taken with more acceptance of not just the standard model type look. more acceptance to all women's beautiful shapes, races, and sexuality. But sometimes people forget that body shaming comes in all forms. for example, i have seen a plus size women post a sexy picture and it's taken as an empowering statement, but when a skinnier woman does the same thing, some call her a whore or consider the post demeaning to women. people tell me to eat a burger all the time because my rib protrudes when i post a bendy yoga pose. not knowing that my shape is controlled by my diet because i have rheumatoid arthritis. i want there to be more acceptance across the board. knowing that everyone is fighting a battle whether you know about it or not. do not judge, but support each other in the process. 

5. the moment you almost quit? i don't really consider myself a quitter. i have decided to take different paths in my life but never because i quit. more because i realized it wasn't for me. i don't quit. :) 

6: favorite workout song? work bitch by britney spears.

7. what's your favorite quality about yourself? my optimism.

8: top beauty secret? the golden secrets

9: why is it so important to build other women up? i always say, we are all in this together and i truly believe that. my mom had a dance studio for over 46 years and i saw a lot of woman throw shade her way because of her beauty and success but she just continued to shine, spread love, and helped everyone around her rise. i saw the power of sisterhood first-hand through my mom. and i too have experienced this in all aspects of my life. you receive by giving, period. 

10. What’s one piece of advice you can give to the next generation of female rock stars? don't look for validation outside of yourself, it is found within.  


"I want there to be more acceptance across the board. Knowing that everyone is fighting a battle whether you know about it or not. Do not judge, but support each other in the process." 

Jesse's Favorite Things:

1. Sage 2. Crystals (including crystal pendulum) 3. Angel cards 4. Pointe shoes 5. The Golden Secrets perfume and face Serum 6. Sunflowers 7. Favorite pic of my son, Kaleo and I. 8. Singing bowl 9.The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Jesse's 5 yoga poses to help you stay grounded

1. Warrior 2/ Virabhadrasana 2

This is absolutely one of my favorite poses in yoga. It is taught in most beginner classes but still has the ability to stir up lessons even with an advanced student. This is one of the first poses where you learn to be uncomfortable. Where you have to find your focus (drishti), your breath, your mantra. It teaches you to build a strong foundation and instead of wishing for it to end, finding peace and maybe even smiling in the difficulty. It help you ground yourself and be present in the moment.


2. Camel pose/ Ustrasana

Every pose in yoga has a purpose and most of them are to counter act our daily habits. This will help to open up your chest, back, hips and heart. Allowing you to be open to receive and of course you need to be properly rooted and grounded into the earth to allow that freedom.


3. Headstand/ Salamba Sirsasana

The king of asanas (poses) At first going upside down can be scary and some may even fear it but with practice, supported at the wall, handstands will become invigorating. By grounding the crown chakra onto the floor, you activate your entire system. Bringing an awareness and a sense of calm to your mind and body.


4. Single pigeon, mermaid variation/ Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

We tend to hold a lot of emotions and tensions in our hips. We are sitting at the computer, driving in cars and our hip flexors shorten and can cause all kinds of back issues and other aches and pains. Single pigeon and a more advanced mermaid pose helps to counteract these issues all while feeling the support of the earth to help center and ground yourself.

5. Butterfly/Badhakonasana

Continuing to open up the hips by rooting your sit bones into the earth and allowing gravity and your will to surrender open you up. Bow forward and let go of any gripping. Use your exhale to release any tension. Any time we are close to the ground we are able to give what no longer serves us to the earth and feel the support of Mother earth herself.

Practice these 5 poses anytime you are feeling "off " and you will be sure to find your center and stay grounded on your path.



The Golden Secrets:
Face oil: Youth Beauty Face Oil Serum
Perfume: Signature Blend Perfume
Body oil: Aphrodisiac Glow Body Oil
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning
Video by: Brianna Corn
Music by: Alex Warzel