Workout Wednesday x NUFit Legs

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Hiking season is just around the corner so I want to make sure your legs are fired up and ready to crush those 14ers this Summer. The glutes are the largest muscle in our body so it's important to activate them as well as all the surrounding muscles on a daily basis. It's just like anything in life ... it you don't use it you loose it. 

The Workout

The workout consist of 5 lower body moves x 3 rounds.

The Formula

You will complete each move for a total of 30 reps. You will start with move #1 and go down the list. Remember, if the exercise calls for alternating sides make sure to do 30 reps on each leg. That will equal one set. After completing all 5 moves, take a quick 30 second break and get back into round 2. There are a total of 3 rounds. If you want another round, go for it and if you want less drop back. Movement is movement no matter what level you are.


Yoga mat/towel, water and timer



Move #1 Popcorn Squats: This is one of my favorite signature "NUFit" moves. It's explosive and works those glutes like no other. Key here is to land softly and make sure the weight is shifted into the heel of your foot. I love to tell my students to, "act like there is a baby sleeping below them, come down quietly and with control."
Move #2 Jump x Scoot: This move is great becuase you are pushing forward and using those hamstrings and glutes to scoot back. It's important to sit way back in the gluetes while walking back and remember to keep that back flat and your chest up.
Move #3 Plie Curtsy Lunges: Start in a plie squat position or otherwise known as a sumo squat. Make sure you are sitting up tall and your back is not rounded. Then, take your hands in a prayer position across the midline of your body. Slowly alternate bringing one leg behind the other in a curtsy position. I want you to focus on toning that outer thigh here. Try to stay low in that squat and keep the tension on those legs. Each leg gets a total of 30 reps which makes for one complete set.
Move #4 Knee Pull Ups: Start in a basic lunge position with your arms extended out in front of your body. Make sure the weight is driving through the heel of your foot. Take an inhale and as you exhale pull both the arms and back knee to the chest. You will stay "loaded" in that standing leg and you should be feeling the burn in your glutes as well as core. Each leg gets a total of 30 reps which makes for one complete set.
Move #5 Floating Lunges: Start in a basic lunge. Make sure your front knee is inline with your ankle! This is so important! Slowly start alternating your legs while using your calf, hamstrings and glute muscles to pop up and down. Lastly, make sure you are driving through the heels of your feet not your toes. Each leg gets a total of 30 reps which makes for one complete set.

I hope your legs are feeling the NUFit burn! Have a blast and make sure to tag me @natalieuhling with all your progress. 



Leggings: UA Mirror Leggings
Top: UA Mirror Shine Crop
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning