Post-Workout Smoothie

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Produce Tip

Make sure to always wash your greens

banana tip

As you can see I love using bananas in my smoothie. They are filled with potassium and help reduce those "charlie horses" or otherwise know as leg cramps. Since bananas spoil so fast it's best to peel them and place them in a ziplock bag in your freezer. They last forever and will make your smoothies super creamy and delicious. Also, when you are picking out the bananas at the store try to pick the ripe looking ones. 

Post-workout I am always ready for a nice cold smoothie! Teaching NUFit extends a TON of energy so I need to fuel within 30 minutes of my workout. I have been drinking this post-workout smoothie for years and it makes me feel amazing. It's loaded with real food and packed with my favorite vegan protein powder. I love the Garden of Life brand because it's a certified USDA organic, non GMO and certified vegan product, I know what I am putting in my body is a premium fuel source. Eating real food is the trick to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so instead of grabbing for those sugary bars after you workout try switching your routine to this healthy option. 


Handful of Dinosaur Kale

Handful of spinach

1 frozen banana

1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk

1 cup water + ice cubes

1 scoop Vegan Protein Powder


High Speed Blender


1. First, get all your ingredients out and wash your greens.

2. I like my smoothie cold, so I like to add a few ice cubes to it. Then add 1 cup of filtered water.

3. Place a 1 scoop of vegan protein powder, spinach, kale and the frozen banana in the blender. 

4. Press play on your blender and let the magic begin. I like my smoothies really smooth so I would say leave your blender on for a couple of minutes. 

5. Enjoy!


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Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning