How to start your day off on the right foot

fitness, lifestyle

"I like to leave my sneakers by the foot of my bed, so even on the days I don't feel like moving, I still do. Starting my day off with movement just sets the tone for the entire day." 

I have always been that girl that loves a good routine. Having a schedule, a ritual if you will, and sticking to it, is something that brings me great joy. Since we live in a time where we are all so busy and there are always competing things for our time, it is so important to start your day off on the right foot. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet, to sleeping well, to moving, all play a huge part in our overall "wellness" wheel. But, for me, moving is like air. 

I have found great success encouraging my clients to incorporate movement as apart of their daily AM routine. At first, it can be a struggle, requires getting up earlier, but, once you get into a good rhythm your body and mind and people around you will thank you.

Let's talk about three simple ways to get you to be an "AM" MOVER

1. Get your gym gear out: When you see an object associated with sweat, you will be more likely to stay committed and on track. I also like to lay my sneakers at the edge of my bed. Trick your mind. We all create mental hurdles. Make it easy for yourself. 

2. Get your friends involved: I love working out with my friends! Create a community of people around you that also want to sweat. The fitness community is filled with so many amazing people. If those strong relationships are there, you will go! 

3. Schedule classes: I LOVE group fitness! I know I come from that world but it's truly amazing! Try scheduling a few morning classes to your week. Let commitment bias work in your favor. If you purchase something, you are more likely to follow through and be motivated to go! If you workout at home, treat your "at home" workout like a "booked" class. Try to create a culture where that time is carved out and allotted for. I promise you your love for fitness will explode. The power of group fitness is magical. Make sure to check out my NUFit classes if you are interested joining an unbelievable community of supportive rockstars! 



Photography by Chelsea Chorpenning