NUFit x Bandier

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"NUFit is all about connection. When I am teaching, I am connected to the root of what I am most passionate about. Movement is more than just motion ... it's a space where we let sh$t go, personally "check-in" and find happiness. When I see my students light up when that music starts, it brings me so much joy ... for me that's my WHY."

NYC NUFit you never disappoint! Thank you to everyone who came out and gave it their all! I left that week so overwhelmed with feelings of love and happiness. It's times like these that I look at my career and pinch myself. I LOVE what I do and it brings me to tears thinking of how far this fitness community has come together. Together we have been though breakups, marriages, career changes, moves, deaths ... you name it we have seen it. It's the friendship and love that we have for each other that makes this group so special.

"Group Fitness is connection"

This year has been full of ups and downs after Drew and I decided to leave NYC. I mean, for gods sake, I started in the biz when there were no boutique fitness shops! 24-Hour Fitness was where it was popping and don't worry, I made sure my classes were popping! I think I blew out their stereo system a couple of time ... #sorrynotsorry! This is where I met my fitness spirit animal and bff Keoni Hudoba, ALL the NUFit girls, and let's not forget the one and only Bobby (aka the "bob-ster")! You all have been following me since the beginning, and your loyalty and friendship have always kept me pushing and wanting more. I left NYC feeling scared and not knowing what to expect. I quickly learned that my passion for movement and helping others was much greater than just a place. Dirt is just dirt. And my community never left my side. So, thank you NYC for giving me the confidence to keep pushing outside the box and chasing crazy dreams of world domination. I truly believe we are all just getting started. I promise in the next chapter, I am playing FULL OUT!

Thank you Bandier x Studio b for letting me play all week, it was a pleasure! NUFit will be back soon! 

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Photography and Video by Chelsea Chorpenning

Video Editing by Brianna Corn

Music by Alex Warzel