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Kathryn is one of those women you meet and all the sudden it seems like you are chilling with your old high school best friend. She has that "instant" connection factor about her. Her warmth mixed with her no judgment personality makes her very unique. She is that person who really values relationships and is truly invested in helping others. I, along with numerous others, would consider her the "darling" of yoga. She is so LOVED in our community, but most importantly she is respected. Brands want to work with her because she not only has the most insane credentials/knowledge, but she cares deeply about her work having integrity. Kathryn is one of those girls who does things that she is fully invested in. She is not in the game for the fame or the money. She does it because she loves it. That quality is something I love most about her. 

When you mention Kathryn's name to any yogi (or fitness junkie), they immediately light up and say "We LOVE Kathryn." I have never met anyone in our space that has not lit up when mentioning her name. Last year, I had the great pleasure to go see Kathryn on her book tour, doing her thing, and it was amazing to see how many people came from all over Colorado to down dog with her. The room was beyond packed with women and men who lived and breathed her every word. I proudly admit I was one of those super fans hanging in the back too! The way she connects with an audience is magnetic ... it's a real "human" experience. Her style is all about empowerment and self-discovery. We "played" a lot in her class, which by the looks on everyone's faces, they loved it too. People were having fun and there was no judgment about messing up or holding that "perfect" yoga pose. I love taking yoga and I really appreciate a class where all levels are celebrated. It's never fun going to a yoga class and having everyone give you the look of death if you mess up! Kathryn celebrates imperfection and encourages you to play and mess up. Her signature "aim true" mentality is a message that is a common thread in everything she does and is at the forefront of her teachings. 

Thank you Kathryn, for letting us into your home and your heart! We love you!


kathryn budig is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, aim true creator, recipe creator, dog lover and co-host of espnw podcast, free cookies

NICKNAME: "NInja kitty"

1. best career advice gotten? from my dad: no matter how busy you get, you always have time to write at least one sentence in return to any message.

2. three qualities that have made you successful? i'm like a ball of clay; constantly willing to reform myself. honesty and good old sense of humor. 

3. moment you felt like you made it? i was asked to be the yoga editor for women's health magazine and write a book for them within about two weeks of each other. it was an epic time. 

4. change you would like to see for women in our industry? i'd like to take away the divisiveness. i don't want it to have to be male or female thing, just a human thing.

5: the moment you almost quit? oddly enough, after my second book came out. it did well, but didn't meet my extremely high expectations which left me with a gnarly expectation hangover. 

6. top beauty secret? drink plenty of water, sleep, sleep, sleep, dunk my face in ice water in the am, and always moisturize. 

7: favorite way to sweat? martial arts, or a good session with a heavy bag. 

8: one food that will help you live a long healthy life? currently: fermented foods and drinks. grape kombucha for life. 

9. what age did you get into the business? i was 21 and had absolutely no idea what i was getting myself into. i spent the majority of my 20's wanting to be in my 30's because i felt so young in my field (although i wouldn't change a thing in retrospect).

10. what's one piece of advice you can to the next generation of female rock stars? take the time to know what your gifts are and what your message is. there's no rush to be successful. 

Kathryn's Favorite Things:

1. Grape kombucha (the boozy kind) 2. My Vapour Beauty Aura stick in Artemis        3. Santal 33 from Le Labo 4. Peppermint essential oil 5. Rewined candles 6. Maldon sea salt 7. Lucini’s lemon extra-virgin olive oil 8. Ascension Stone necklace 9. My Quinoa Power Bites (from Aim True) 10. Kittens in space notebook for awesome ideas 11. ASHI!!!


Kathryn's doggies are my favorite! My mom always said, the best humans are animal people ... I would agree. 

kathryn's 4 poses to calm your mind and invigorate your body

Seated Meditation:
Meditation is something that we all benefit from. I do my best to sit and practice mantra, japa meditation, or simply take a minute to breathe with my eyes closed as often as possible. This is key in moments where you might say something you’ll regret later or feel overwhelmed.

Seated Side Bend:
The world needs more side bending! This is a glorious way to bring space back into the lungs, relieve the spine from too much sitting or traveling, and give you a second wind.
Seated Twist:
Such a simple way to wring everything out. This is my ultimate self-chiropractic move for when I’m feeling clogged up!

Seated Shoulder Opener:
This is my go to move when I spend too much time hunched over my laptop writing. You get the benefits of the chest opener while simultaneously releasing your hips from too much sitting.

So, what's up next for this amazing lady?? LOTS! But, one thing I am most excited about is her new venture with her girlfriend Kate Fagan. These two powerhouses have teamed up and created a new espnW podcast called Free Cookies.

In Free Cookies, Kate and Kathryn give you the sports, wellness and pop culture, but also more — a different side of them. And in each episode, they’ll bring on a guest you might know and reveal a different side of them. Expect plenty of laughs, inquisitive moments and delicious takeaways. 

Make sure to follow @kathrynbudig for the release date! We can't wait!


Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning
Video by: Brianna Corn & Chelsea Chorpenning
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