Back to Basics // A + B + C


Apple + Beet + Carrot

Getting back to basics ...

2015 goodbye, HELLO 2016!

At the beginning of every year comes a time for setting new goals, changing old habits and starting fresh! It's a great time to start eating real food! Food is so important for maintaing a healthy lifestyle. Not just this year but for the rest of your life. I want all of us to focus on FEELING good, not just looking good. Eating real food is a great place to start.

Fruits and vegetables are an excellent way to introduce health into your life. Now is the time to prioritize and start taking health into your own hands. If eating healthy is new for you, start slow and ease yourself into eating real foods that you like. We are creatures of habit, so try eating some new fruits and vegetables this year … who knows some might be your new favorites!

My A+B+C juice is a great way to kick-start healthy eating and plus it's delicious!


Apple / Beet / Carrot

Ingredients: 3 Apples 2 Beets 3 Carrots

Directions: First things first ... make sure to wash your vegetables before you juice them … especially the beets. Once cleaned, you can start cutting your ingredients into small pieces that are small enough to go through the juicer. My juicer is an Omega juicer. You don't have to have this juicer! There are plenty of amazing juicers on the market.

Lastly, start running all your ingredients through the juicer and you will have yourself a delicious and healthy drink. A juicer is a great way to get creative with your fruits and veggies! Have fun and let your body get healthy from the inside out.


Photographer Credit: Dustin Roderick