"How To" x September Series


"Get the real scoop"




Hi! I'm so excited to be launching my September "HOW TO" series for you! I have had so many amazing questions coming my way asking me about business, fitness modeling, social media, etc. So, I want to share as much REAL knowledge/insight regarding these topics for YOU! When I first started out in the industry I was dying for real guidance and it seemed like everyone was so "closed vested." I am here to tell you I want to EMPOWER and guide other females in the space by not closing those conversations up but opening them up! It's our job to start asking questions and talking ladies!

I am pumped to share my personal tips and tricks and hopefully shed some light on these topics for you! My mission is to pass a long some useful information that I wish I had growing up in the industry.

My September Schedule:  Head to my Facebook page every Tuesday for the release of that weeks "How To" topic. After you view my video, make sure to take notes because every THURSDAY at 8pm EST I will be doing a follow-up Facebook LIVE Q+A for you!

xx Natalie

 Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning