When in doubt ... dip it in hummus!

There's nothing like good old homemade hummus ...

I could eat hummus on everything! It's really the best topping for so many things. The best part about this recipe is that it's so easy and takes no time to make. Store bought hummus can be loaded with salt and other unwanted preservatives that often leaves you feeling crappy. So why not make your own right? Eating healthy starts in your own kitchen. The best way to be in control of what goes in your mouth is by simply making your own food. That way you can really understand what foods are making you feel sluggish and which foods are making you feel like a rockstar! Everyone's body is different so make sure you are listening to your gut, not someone else's.

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Basic Hummus

Ingredients: 2 cans of unsalted garbanzo beans (chickpeas) 1 lemon 1 garlic clove finely chopped Dash of pepper Handful of thyme Drizzle of olive oil

Directions: Start by placing your garbanzo beans in your food processor. I like to rinse my beans before I put them into the food processor just to make sure they are super clean. Then cut your garlic into small finely chopped pieces and place into the machine. Squeeze 1 whole lemon over the top and sprinkle both the thyme and pepper in. Also, if you want it to have a creamier texture, add a little bit of olive oil.

Press play on your food processor and let the magic begin. I tend to like my hummus and little chunky so I blend to the point where there is still a chunky texture. It's up to you though, so don't be afraid to play with the texture.

Happy dipping! xxx

Photographer Credit: Dustin Roderick