#JONAS take the wheel


Winter Storm Jonas got nothing on us!

We came, we slayed and we conquered!

I LOVE NY but ... I am still trying to forgive mother nature for enveloping winter storm JONAS on us for our "Body Peace" weekend takeover at Refinery Hotel. Despite the two feet of snow and 20+ mph winds, nothing could hold the NUFit'letes down.

I was so happy to see so many familiar faces and I could instantly feel SQUAD NUFit was ready to rock! It was such a magical moment realizing the power of movement. People came from all over the city despite the city wide travel ban and the crazy wintry conditions. Nothing was going to hold us back! The biggest take away for me was that NO matter what, people want to FEEL something ... ENERGY doesn't lie and when you have the ability to influence people on a mass scale do it!

2016 Wellthily Natalie Uhling Workout
2016 Wellthily Natalie Uhling Workout
2016 Wellthily Natalie Uhling Workout
2016 Wellthily Natalie Uhling Workout

All Star Team

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back"

One of the best things about the wellness industry are the amazing women in it! Every day I pinch myself and feel so honored to be able to hang with such incredible industry shaping/changing women. It was such a joy sitting on a panel with Nutritionist Keri Glassman, Yogi Caley Alyssa, Editor and Chief of Yahoo Health Michele Promaulayko, Psychotherapist Terri Cole and the lovely owners of Wellthily Jen Batchelor and Suzie Baleson.

A common thread that unifies us all is the endless LOVE for our passions. We LOVE what we do. Once you find what makes you tick, hold onto that and make it happen. Also, happiness is an inside job, once you mastered that, your whole world will change. Movement is my passion and I did whatever it took to make my dreams my reality. I said YES to every job that came my way and I was always prepared! I did things no other girl would do ... it didn't matter because I WAS HUNGRY! Today, I can honestly say I still have that same fire and hunger because I LOVE what I do ... I actually might have more! Lastly, center yourself around people who care as much as you do and let your talent shine!

Photographer Credit: Cody James