Recovery Tips for the gym rat


My favorite homeopathic ways to keep your body in fighting shape and injury free


Claim to fame: It helps relieve pain and muscle soreness.

Science: Arnica has been used topically for a wide variety of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, join pain and inflammation. Athletes have been using this homeopathic gel for many years to treat muscle aches and pains. It provides a natural and safe pain relief for those who are looking for a homeopathic recovery solution.

Why I love: I have been using Arnica since my high school days. My mother is very into homeopathic remedies, so Arnica was always in our "medicine" cabinet. Now that I am an adult, and also an athlete, I use Arnica daily to fight the aches and pains that I might have after a long, hard training session. You can purchase Arnica from most natural food grocery stores. You can shop the item here!


Epsom Salt

Claim to fame: Sore muscle soother. Also helps flush toxins and heavy metals out of the body.

Science: Epsom salts star ingredient is Magnesium. This power player helps reduce inflammation, relieves pain and can help with recovery treatments for active individuals. Taking Epsom salt baths allow the magnesium to absorb right into the skin and into our bodies, so that it results in a pain-free and enjoyable way to help with muscle aches and pains.

Why I love: I have always loved taking baths, so adding a component that helps with muscle recovery is a no brainer! This salt should be in everyone's bathroom and ready to use. You can purchase Epsom salt at any major retailer. Target sells one of my favorite brands. Click here to see.

Photographer Credit: Dustin Roderick