NUFit x The Coveteur



Summer is here!

Welcome to the first-ever NUFit x Coveteur fitness challenge. It's time to have fun and up our summer workout game, and I'm hoping you are going to squat along with me for the next 30 days, too. It’ll be over before you (and I) know it, and we will all be better for it. I will be cheering you on and sweating with you so, together let's do this!

The NUFit program consists of 6 toning moves paired with 4 weekly cardio ‘burn out’ moves. Each day you will be given 2 specific toning moves with one cardio burn-out move. Throughout the program you will also have 9 special cardio burn 2.0 days. These days are solely focused on cardio, leaving you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day.

And, remember athletes, to always make sure your form is correct before going full out. The foundation has to be solid before the walls of the house can be built.

  During the course of each day you will complete 2 tone moves followed by that week’s cardio ‘burn out’ move. On the days marked Cardio Burn 2.0 it’s a cardio only day. Have fun on those Cardio Burn 2.0 days and let it rip! I want your heart rate up during this section and sweat dripping.

NUFit'letes, now you have all the tools to get moving! Make sure to use the hashtag #NUFitSQUAD and tag me @natalieuhling. I want to see all your amazing progress.

xx Natalie

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2015 Natalie Uhling Montauk