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Welcome to my "Women Who Inspire" series! I wanted to start off with myself so you could get a better understanding of what I do and what makes me tick. I am so honored to be in this space surrounded by so many fierce females! Each week I will be dropping another WWInspire so you are in for a huge treat. Make sure to look out for my friend Jesse Golden on deck for next week! Their stories mixed with personal struggles and success is nothing short of amazing. Remember, the real power is behind truth and the willingness to share. So, I hope you enjoy all these amazing friends of mine. I encourage you to hold onto their every word, reach out and hopefully their stories light that fire inside you to GO for it!

"The health and wellness BUSINESS, is a  BUSINESS and just like any other BUSINESS it's hard. You just have to want it more than THE NEXT GIRL and ... I DO."

Locker Room Chats x Natalie Uhling

natalie is the Founder of the NUFit® Method * Founder of the MVMT Tour * Model * Creative Director * International Fitness Expert

Nickname: Natty

1. What’s your WHY? I love to ask my NUFit girls this question. my why is simple, i want to help empower the next generation of female rockstars. if you don't know your "why," you lack focus ... once you understand your why it releases a totally different internal fire, it's called vision. if i can be that inspiration for just one girl, i've done my job. i want them to know that i am their biggest fan.

2. Three qualities that have made you successful? Disciplined, emotional and accountable.

3. First big break into the BIZ? the moment i met under armour! i had no agent and was working full-time at ralph lauren. my friend was a casting agent and knew i was trying to break into the nyc fitness scene. she told me to throw a "comp" card together and come down to the casting. so.. that's what i did! the girls at rl designed a comp card with a few images and i ran down. i honestly was so scared! i walked into a room filled with 50+ models clutching their books. i had no book and had no clue! all i knew was i wanted that job more than any other girl in the room. they called my name and i walked in and met the head of ua women's michelle tanney and emily johnson. it was that moment that these two women changed my life forever. i am forever grateful for tanney and emily. they saw something in me and took a chance on a girl from idaho. that day i booked the UA WOmen's fall campaign and the rest is history ... i quit my job at rl a month later and never looked back.  

4. The moment you almost quit? first, i will never let anyone take my passion away from me. but ... don't get me wrong, i have been up against a wall many times. i have had producers body shame me, i have been banned from studios and have been mentally and physically pushed in ways i never thought possible. but, at the end of the day i always believed in me. the health and wellness business is a business and just like any other business it's hard. you just have to want it more than the next girl and ... i do. 

5. Favorite workout song? that's so hard ... i love music. it's a huge part of the nufit culture. i would say any song from the great michael jackson. his music was on repeat in our house growing up. when i hear his music it creates emotion in my body. 

6: Most insecure about? i would say the pressure to always look amazing and have my abs popping. my body is my business and people are constantly critiquing me. i mean for god sakes, sometimes you just want/need a night out or two! as i get older i just don't give a Fu*ck what people think. i love who i am and that's what matters most. 

7. Top beauty secret? sleep! i am a mess if i don't get those zzzz. 

8: Favorite way to sweat? NUFit® of course! i also love exercising outside, so hiking and nordic skiing would be up there too.

9: One food that will help you live a long healthy life? leafy greens! anything that has that dark rich color, eat up.

10. What’s one piece of advice you can give to the next generation of female rock stars? i feel for the girls coming up in our industry, with the world of social media, things are so different. girls now are getting jobs just based on a number ... i mean what happened to years of experience and trained talent?! I tell the girls all the time, it's the simple game of "perception vs. reality." remember, never underestimate hard work and pure talent! those qualities will never go out of style. 


Nat's favorite things:

1. NUFit tank 2. Camera 3. Bandana 4. Notebook 5. The book of symbols 3. RMS Beauty 4. Crystal ring 5. My puppies foot print 6. Memory book 7. Bath Salts 8. Flowers 


"If I can be that inspiration for just one girl, I've done my job. I want them to know that I am their biggest fan."


Photography: Chelsea Chorpenning

Video: Brianna Corn