NYC State of mind

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"I love the energy of the city. The walls and streets have so much inspiration, sometimes you just have to look up"
"I lived in NY for a solid 11 years, I will always be a downtown girl"
"New York is a place where you either figure it out fast or you sink. I tend to thrive in intense environments, so for me it just feeds the beast"

I get asked all the time if I miss living in the city. Well, to be honest ... not really. I love the city so much and it really was like a third parent to me when I moved there bright-eyed and 100% innocent for college. The girl from Idaho ended up toughening up really fast when she all the sudden landed on 27th and 7th Ave. This area of town was not the greatest back in 2005, it was not the uber-trendy Chelsea like we all know today. There was no outdoor highline or beautiful art studios ... it was just night clubs. Like I said before, I had never been to New York when I decided to head to The Fashion Institute for college ... sight unseen! I got on a plane by myself and landed on a red-eye from Boise, Idaho and boy did I realize I wasn't in Idaho anymore! JFK is quite the dump as most of you know and coming from Idaho it was a shock. New York is a place where you either figure it out really fast or you sink. I tend to thrive in intense environments so for me it just feed the beast. The college years were really hard for me as I had no money, and having zero money in NY is not fun! My college friends and I joke about how we saved all our money so we could workout at Bally Total Fitness on 34th street! It literally was us and a bunch of body builders ... I didn't care though I just had to find a way to move every day. Moving has always been my therapy and still is my biggest outlet today.

I will share the rest of this crazy story later on ... it's a pretty good one!! I have plenty to share so don't worry. Thank you New York for being like family to me and teaching me things I never thought were possible. You pushed me to limits I thought no one could handle but at the end of the day we aren't given things in life we can't handle right?! 

Cheers to you New York, I will always love you! My new home is Colorado and honestly this is where I belong ... mountains, fresh air, and endless sunshine. 








Photography: Chelsea Chorpenning