NUFit x Sweat

fitness, workouts

NUFit, I think it's time for us to workout together no matter where you live! I'm bringing my workouts to you in your home! It has been so much fun filming all this fitness content for you. I know so many of you have a passion for fitness too, so I invite you, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, to join the #NUFitSQUAD. 

5 simple tips to get you started

1. Start slow: Staying active and injury free is what this is all about. If you are new to working out, ease into the process. This is a judgement FREE zone. 

2. Clear your space: Clear your space of clutter! The brain is able to concentrate better when it is visually free of junk. 

3. Invest in proper footwear: These exercises can be done barefoot, but if you suffer from plantar fasciitis or any other foot pain, investing in good footwear is KEY! Click HERE to read up on the best shoes for foot pain. I have suffered from plantar for years so having good footwear is SO important. 

4. Hydrate: Make sure to have plenty of water nearby. You can honestly never drink enough! Water is so great for glowing skin too.

5. Have fun: Probably one of the most important tips! Crank up those tunes and have the time of your life!


Leggings: UA Mirror Leggings
Top: UA Mirror Shine Crop
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning
Video by: Brianna Corn
Music by: Alex Warzel