Workout Wednesday x NUFit Arms

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The Workout

The workout consist of 5 upper body moves x 3 rounds.

The Formula

You will complete each move for a total of 30 reps. You will start with move #1 and go down the list. After completing all 5 moves, take a quick 30 second break and get back into round 2. There are a total of 3 rounds. If you want another round, go for it and if you want less drop back. Movement is movement no matter what level you are.

Muscle Group Focus

Tricep, Bicep, Deltoid, Rotator Cuff, Forearm and Lats


Yoga mat/towel, water and timer



Move #1 Cobra: If you are in the market for a killer arm move this is it! It might look simple but it is the most effective arm move on the market. I love this move beause it requires focus and hits your upper body as well as your core. Start in a plank postion and immediately walk your hands out so that you are almost in a "superman" postion. You will feel your triceps and abs fire instantly. Take a big inhale and with control drop to your forearms, as you exhale fire up those triceps and come back to your starting postion.
Move #2 Push-ups: Some of my all time favorite moves are the most basic. We all have been doing push-ups since we were kids because they work! Start in a plank position and walk your hands out wider than shoulder width. This is super important so you engage the chest muscles. Take a big inhale, as you lower to the ground hold then exhale as you come to the top.
Move #3 Criss-cross push-ups: I am putting a "twist" on that push-up that you just completed. I like this move becuase it requires focus and complete body control. The key here is to make sure your hips stay square. Start by criss-crossing your arms while moving to either the right or left side. At the end of the criss-coss come back to the center of your mat and add that push-up.
Move #4 Tricep Bridge : Anytime there is an opportunity to add another muscle group I do. We are not only working those triceps but we are working that backside too! Start by placing your hands behind your back with your finger tips facing your toes. From here I want you to load the weight of your body through the heels of your feet. Take a big inhale and as you exhale drive those hips to the sky as well as driving down through the palms of your hands. Your triceps and glutes should be on fire.
Move #5 Roll-Out Tricep Push: This is more of a full-body move, but by adding that tricep push to the end makes this move a killer for the upper body. Start standing up with a slight bend in your kneees. Slowly start to walk out to a plank, once at the end make sure your elbows are glued to the sides of your body. Slowly push down to that tricep push-up and back up. Once complete walk yourself back to that standing postion.


Leggings: UA Mirror Leggings
Top: UA Mirror Shine Crop
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning