How to keep your skin looking forever young

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"I live in a place where the sun is shining 300 days a year so proper sun protection is crucial for maintaining youthful looking skin"

I am a total sucker for a good panama hat and sunnies! I have three floppy hats in the back of my car at all times. Hats are a great and stylish way to protect your face from the sun. 

Sun Protection Kit

Face Oil: 

I personally use the Squalane facial oil daily! Living in the "high-desert", dry place as I do, the oil is a staple in my every day beauty routine. Also, since there is no SPF involved, I always make sure to wear a big floppy hat to protect my face.


I am always in the market for a good sunscreen that is non-toxic, and finally I found that with Josh Rosebrook's line of products. I have been using this for a couple months now and I love. Highly recommend all of his products. 


We can't forget about our necks! That's what every good facialist I have known has ever told me. I love wearing colorful scarfs during all seasons of the year. The one above is from one of my favorite shops (Bloom).


Anyone that knows me knows I am a sunnies lover! The sunnies above are some of my favorite from my collection. 



Panama Hats has been in my closet since I was in high school. I honestly carry these hats around with me everywhere. They are chic and look good with any outfit.





Photography by Chelsea Chorpenning