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Healthy and moisturized skin

Having healthy moisturized skin has been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember because it contributes to my overall health. Because I live a very active outdoor lifestyle and I am constantly taking showers, it is important for me to prioritize my skin health. There is nothing worse than having dry cracked skin that itches under my athletic clothes. When that happens, it can be very debilitating and can cause me to feel very uncomfortable. I’ve been searching for a moisturizing body wash to help combat dryness – enter the newly reformulated OlayUltra Moisture Body Wash!

As many of you know, being active requires a ton of showers! I personally love taking hot showers after a long NUFit workout, so having to do so multiple times a day does not bother me. But, what does bother me is my dry skin! The best part about Olay’s Ultra Moisture Body Wash is that the nourishing moisture stays with me all day long and it leaves my skin feeling light, silky and smooth. The new formula makes Ultra Moisture the first and only body wash to include Pro-Glycerin, which helps moisturizing ingredients like shea butter quickly absorb into the skin.

Thank you Olay for making a product for active girls like me! I, like the majority of women, have searched endlessly to find one product that helps to balance cleansing and moisture in the shower without leaving sticky residue. It has been a life-savor to find a product that really works and that I can rely on every day.

It's so important to remember that our skin health plays a huge part in our overall health. For me, taking care of my skin starts in the shower and I hope it motivates you to do the same. There you have it ... I have shared one of my favorite "go to" skin tips with you! I invite you to share your experience with Olay's Ultra Moisture Body Wash with me in the comment section below! I know you will love it! 



(Post in partnership with my friends at Olay)


Photographer: Chelsea Chorpenning