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I got introduced to Caley over two years ago. We were both cast as the lead fitness talent for a fitness show on NBC Sports called Radius. I will never forget the moment I met Caley, she is SO beautiful in person but honestly what struck me the most was her sweetness! She has zero ego and genuinely cares about others ... not to mention she is a total "girl's girl" which makes her a goddess in my eyes. This woman exudes talent, and is also very savvy when it comes to her business. She and I connect a ton on that level, and she is a person I trust. That level of trust is something I find to be very rare in our industry. She is someone I am not afraid to pick up the phone and ask business questions to. She and I have done so many things at this point in our careers, and it is nice to know you have another insider's take on things. Our business can be very cutthroat. But we have both been in some super stressful positions, so it is nice to have a female friend who just "gets" it. The world we play in can be very confusing, so having people in your corner is so key. It has been so fun watching Caley's career blossom since I first met her. She has traveled to SO many amazing places and done some pretty high-level sh$t! (make sure to check out her instagram!) Caley is full of adventure and has a LA "girl gang" that makes every girl a bit jelly. :) Every time I go to LA I love hanging with her and I end up meeting the coolest people who are super passionate about life and who are actually doing really cool, creative stuff. 

Caley has so many exciting things coming down the pipeline that I want to share with you. Since I live in Colorado, I want to make sure you don't miss out on her "IGNTD Women" retreat this fall. Caley has teamed up with her bff, Sophie Jaffe (another one of my WWI coming soon) to create a wellness weekend filled with group meditations, yoga practices, a Philosophie Mama Superfood workshop, and time to reflect and integrate all the amazing things you learn. Ummm ok .... sign me up!! :) Now it's time to meet my beautiful friend "Caley Bird." xxx Nat


caley alyssa is an international yogi, teacher, social media influencer, creator of women catalysts, and life lover

NICKNAME: "caley bird"

1. best career advice gotten? know and believe in your worth.

2. what's your why? because i want to make the most of this life i've been given. 

3. the moment you almost quit? when i moved to la and found out that everyone knew how to do a handstand except for me! i also happened to be going through a divorce and career change ... that was a rough patch for me. 

4. moment you felt like you made it? when self magazine named me one of the best bodies in the world in 2015!

5: change you would like to see for women in our industry? i would love to see women in our industry being compensated appropriately for their time and efforts. 

6. favorite workout song? this literally changes on the daily ... right now i would say it's "Bloom" by deya dova. 

7: what every woman should do in her lifetime? go wild. be naked in nature. go on a solo journey to an incredible location. be in a deep and committed relationship with yourself. sit in vipassana. 

8: top beauty secret? i see this incredible woman, natalia armonik, who messages my face in such a magical way that i swear to god i will never, ever need botox. 

9. why is it so important to build other women up? we can be catty, and petty, and downright mean to each other. it's a competitive world out there ... and we've been trained to play into this game. just think of how much more we could accomplish and how beautiful it could be if we all came together and co-created?! if we as women could start to retrain our brains to collaborate instead of compete. to support each other and help catapult one and other into awesomeness? rise by lifting. 

10. what's one thing in our business that no one wants to talk about but needs to be addressed? finances. women need to get set up correctly right off the bat for tracking income and expenses, what they can write off ... how they can stay ahead, and how to plan for the future. 

Caley's Favorite Things:

1. Bahgsu Jewels Terquoise Ring & Blank Onyx Cuff 2. My Intent Necklace 3. Open Heat Warrior Crystal Bag Necklace 4. Beats by Dre Head Phones 5. Perfectly Imperfect  - By Barron Baptiste 6. Malachite Crystal 7. Palo Santo

caley's 5 YOGA POSESt that ignite your inner goddess

Scandasana Variation:
Being close to the earth is super grounding if you are feeling like you're floating around in the ether...when you spread your arms our wide like this you are creating your space. You make a sort of force field around yourself and it's a BOLD statement. This is MY BEAUTIFUL BODY. This is MY SPACE. I AM STRONG.
Standing Splits:
I love this one because it's all about balance. You're creating a shape that is powerful and at the same time demands flexibility and movement. You're rooted in the earth but reaching for the sky. It never fails to energize me and challenge me.
Goddess Pose:
Enough said really. Whenever I do this pose I feel open, empowered, strong, and bendy. It encompasses all of our feminine power in one fell swoop.
Stag Handstand with Hollow Back:
HELLO HEART SPACE! When I'm sad, grumpy, or feeling disconnected/closed off...this one will pull me right out of my funk. I have to be super tuned in and hyperaware of every last little muscle and energy movement in my body here. If one thing is off balance, I fall. It's all connected.
Scorpion Handstand:
This is my power pose. I'm not sure why but something about this one just feels like, it's mine. It's like home for me. I feel like I could just hang out here all day, which I realize is CRAZY. But for some reason it just works.

So ... where else can you find this beauty? 


Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning