Workout Wednesday x NUFit full-Body

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The Workout

The workout consist of 5 Full-Body moves x 3 rounds

The Formula

You will complete each move for a total of 30 reps. You will start with move #1 and go down the list. After completing all 5 moves, take a quick 30 second break and get back into round 2. There are a total of 3 rounds. If you want another round, go for it and if you want less, drop back. Movement is movement no matter what level you are.

Muscle Group Focus



Yoga mat/towel, water and timer



Move #1 Walk Out: Full-Body days are my favorite. This walk out move hits so many muscle groups with an added strength move at the end. By just adding that extra push-up you engage your chest and core which makes this move so effective. They key here is to use your hamstringes and glutes when you are crawling back, try staying out of that low back.
Move #2 Star Jump Burpie: Welcome to a signature NUFit move. This is a calorie crusher and always gets my students sweating! Key here is to make sure you land softly. As you jump into the air hold your body weight as you land. This will prevent future injuries and save your knees.
Move #3 180 Popcorn Squats: Explosive movements are some of my favorite exercises. I really like this move because you are changing direction which requires focus and balance. Make sure when you land, you land with the weight shifted through the heels of your feet.
Move #4 Skater: Lateral movements are key to creating a fitness program that actually works. This move requires balance which makes you have to keep your head in the game. I love training where you are shifting weight from one side of your body to the next. Your outer glutes should be on fire here. Make sure to keep the chest up!
Move #5 Tap Back - Toe Tap: This move focuses on so many muscle groups and really hits those inner thighs. I love the explosiveness of this move mixed with direction change. You are exploding forward and pushing back using the opposing mucles groups. Again, make sure to keep looking forward.


Leggings: UA Mirror Leggings
Top: UA Mirror Shine Crop
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning