white out

lifestyle, nature

This weather mixed with all the spring time blooms in Colorado has been a feast for your eyes! I am literally in heaven walking the streets as everything is coming out in full. There are tons of these beautiful apple blossom trees all over the state so don't miss the action, get outside. This time of year I just want to be outside playing all day ... it brings back so many childhood memories playing "kick-the-can" with all the kids in our neighborhood. My best friend Devon and I would play for hours until our parents dragged us off our bikes and into the house. It is these special times of the year that make me very nostalgic about my childhood.

Springtime is the a great reminder of how seasons come and go and make you feel different emotions. My mother always said Mother Nature has an amazing way of showing us the true rhythms of life. She is so right, seasons always come and go and with that comes new life and endless growth. 


Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning