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Honestly, the minute you minute Kelly you cannot help but smile ... she is one of the most positive people I have ever been around. Her energy is contagious ... she is one of those people who walks into a room and the energy immediately changes. I would say very few people have her "superpower." It's something that makes Kelly very special. 

I met Kelly a year ago when she came and took my NUFit class for the first time. We instantly connected because not only did she crush my class (trained ballet dancer of course :) but she was brought to class by one of my all time favorite people Rebecca! I always say "like attracts like" and anyone who hangs with Rebecca is friends of mine ... so of course Kelly instantly we became fast friends. Since then, I have started calling these girls my "unicorn" girl gang ... basically it's a gang of us Denver fitness girls that love and support each other. It has been so much fun working together, because we genuinely care about each other.  Kelly also runs the group-fitness program (as well as operational and event management) at the Colorado Athletic Club - Union Station and it was because of her that I left my previous place of work to bring NUFit to their clubs. The best thing about her is she just "gets" it! Kelly also has a top-notch team behind her, because it starts with her ... she sets the tone for how everyone interacts and supports one another. Having leaders like Kelly is key for building a happy environment and endless success (people want to work hard for people like Kelly!)

This woman is very special to me and I hope you enjoy her story! A fun fact about her is that she is literally certified in every format! She not only puts in the work but she has the education to back it up. Nothing beats education, and all the hours of hard work she has put in training and teaching pay off in every class and project she is part of. So, make sure to follow Kelly HERE and check her teaching schedule plus her upcoming retreat schedule. Also, something fun and exciting is Kelly is going to be joining the NUFit team very soon! So stay tuned for her NUFit teaching schedule rolling out this Fall! I am beyond thrilled to have her join the #NUFitSQUAD!

 xxx Nat


LOCKER ROOM CHATS X kelly Richardson

kelly (Dugan) richardson, teacher, master trainer, fitness model, pro dancer

NICKNAME: "Dugster" 

1. what's your why? to connect with others, to motivate and inspire healthy habits in fitness and wellness through health coaching, as well as, coordinating fitness inspired events and programming. 

2. three qualities that have made you successful? positivity, ambition, dedication

3. favorite workout song? i can't say i just have one, cause there are so many! for my classes i tend to use top 40 hits that are remixed and more upbeat. my recent favorite is a remix of "closer" by chainsmokers. i think having good music makes a workout so much more enjoyable!

4. top beauty secret? sleep!!! I love it, and i am a mess without it. 

5: why is it so important to build other women up? because women rock! working and collaborating with strong, smart, independent women is so inspiring and fun! when great woman come together to combine their expertise, energy, and efforts, amazing results can be accomplished (i have seen it firsthand). not to mention there is nothing better than a fun night out with your best gal pals. 

6. FAVORIte way to sweat? barre! Having a dance background i love the fusion barre brings incorporating yoga, pilates, and dance. barre tones your body to create long lean muscles versus bulk. plus, even though you aren't doing cardio, it's so effective to lose weight.  

ALTHOUGH NO question, my favorite cardio workout is nufit!

7: one food that will help you live a long healthy life? red wine (in moderation of course). resveratrol and other bioactive compounds found in red wine have anti-inflammatory, anti-MICROBIAL properties. plus it diminishes free radicals, which can prevent aging. in addition, the alcohol in moderation can be beneficial to cardiovascular health. most importantly it tastes great and relieves stress!

8: what age did you get into the business? I attended an arts high school for dance at age 16, and part of our curriculum was yoga and pilates. i immediately fell in love with these classes and how much they were benefiting my mind, body, and of course my dance career. after the first few classes, i was hooked and knew i wanted to learn how to teach fitness so i could share the experience with other people. a few years later, I was teaching/coaching and my involvement in the fitness industry has only grown from there. 

9. top of bucket list? travel! anywhere and everywhere, i can't get enough of it. i love to see and experience new places. currently at the top of the list, i would love to see new zealand and bali/indonesia. 

10. WHAT'S ONE THING IN OUR BUSINESS THAT NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT BUT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED? people are always comparing themselves to others. working out/fitness should be a personal journey and motivation can only come from within. it's about feeling good on the inside as well as the outside. 


1. Opal stone necklace (my Grandma's birthstone)  2. Essential oils (lavender and peppermint)  3. Candle  4. Imagine stone 5. Red wine  6. My boys (Bentley and Justice) 7.  Erika statue (Reminder of my dear friend and my dance career)  8. Seashell and starfish  9.Travel journal

workout with kelly!

Kelly is one of the best trainers in Denver so make sure to get into her class (she is also one of my favorite humans so that helps too!) :) Head to her site here, to learn more about Kelly and find her teaching schedule.   

Fun Fact

Kelly's little brother, is also a photographer! Thanks Connor for helping Chelsea and I out on this shoot! Make sure to check out his work here. I would say the creative juice runs in the family!


Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning and Connor Dugan
Video by: Brianna Corn and Chelsea Chorpenning