5 tips: how to pose like a pro

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I decided to write a blog post about this topic because I get asked "how to model" on a daily basis! Girls hit me up about this all the time so I wanted to share my top 5 "posing like a pro" tips I have learned along the way! 

But first, let me give you a little bit of background regarding my modeling days. First, I have alway been on the fitness side of modeling so it is very different than the runway girls, so just know that! I was on the Wilhelmina New York fitness board for three years and know a ton of the runway girls but, the fitness girls look and move very differently! I am sure they would give you similar posing tips but fitness modeling requires more athleticism because you are usually working out for hours on end when you get booked for shoots. So, being active and knowing your body is so key! I have been a part of hundreds of shoot by now and would tell any girl that is looking to get into fitness modeling to make sure you can move! These shoots can be grueling and your body takes a beating so being in shape is required. 

When I first started out I literally had zero idea what I was doing .... literally none! My first shoot was a three-day national campaign for Under Armour and I was definitely the "rookie" of the shoot. We shot the campaign in Central Park and the girls that were booked had been modeling for years ... it was one of those "fake it till you make it" moments. I still remember the photographer (Jay) pulling me aside (because he knew I had no idea) and telling me my profile was going to make me a lot of money. My profile? Well, little did I know, all the selects that have been chosen for me throughout the years have mostly been my profile. :) Thanks Jay for that tip!

So, I hope my 5 posing tips help you guys with whatever modeling gigs you are doing! Remember, it never hurts to learn how to pose for pics regardless of your profession. But, even with all these tips, remember to first be confident and be yourself! No one wants a copy, they want an original ... that's where the real magic lies. 


5 posing techniques

1. Move: There is nothing worse than a stiff fitness model. Fitness modeling is fluid and photographers want you to move, that's our job. Some of the most iconic fitness images are the ones where you can literally feel the energy in the picture. Energy is so key! Tip: Every time you hear the camera click, move. You want to give the photographer a ton of different looks. Once they find one that looks bomb they will let you know. 

2. Light: Any good photographer will have their lighting set up, but sometimes if you are outside or just having fun on your phone, make sure to always have the light on your face. This is the best highlighter and softer for your skin! Remember, if you shoot into the sun your pics will look back-lit and dark. Tip: Make sure when you are shooting you personally know where the light is. This will really help you get amazing images. 

3. Triangles: One of my favorite model's in the business always used to tell me to make shapes with my body.  I remember our first shoot together I just watched her and she would tell me to go home and study how my body looked in different athletic shapes. Since our job is to be able to move and form shapes, this is something every model, at any stage in their career, should practice. Tip: A photographer once told me to always look for triangle shapes in my body, those shapes help make your body look long and lean ... that advice has stuck with me for years. 

4. Tippee Toes: Get on those toes! This is an easy trick that all models use and it makes your legs look so much longer. If you are around any good model they always are on their toes. Tip: Try practicing this at home, and before you know it, you will be on your toes for every pic. 

5. Cross Ankles: If you ever watch people on the red carpet you will see every actress using this posing technique! Why? ... because it makes you look thinner and long- legged. This is another simple pose that can really help you along the way. Tip: Make sure you are loose and your knees are not locked out. It should feel and look natural. Fitness modeling is fluid and should look natural not forced. 

I hope you enjoyed my personal posing tips and tricks! Let me know if there are any other modeling tips you guys are dying to know, please leave your comments in the section below. I love hearing from you. 



Leggings, Jacket, Shoes: Under Armour
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning