NUFit Fitness Challenge

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Welcome to the first-ever NUFit 30-day Summer Series challenge. Summer is just around the corner and I know you all love to sweat outside! I wanted to create a fun quick NUFit workout that you could do anywhere! I'm hoping you’re going to sweat along with me for 30 days, too! Grab your girlfriends, crank those tunes, and have fun! 


The program consists of 7 tone moves paired with 5 weekly cardio ‘burn out’ moves. Each day you will be given 2 specific toning moves with one cardio burn-out move. In between your tone set and cardio set make sure to take a 30 sec break to catch your breath and also get your form set. Throughout the program, you will also have 9 special cardio burn 2.0 days. These days are solely focused on cardio, leaving you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day. 


Each day you will complete 2 tone moves followed by that week’s cardio ‘burn out’ move. On the days marked Cardio Burn 2.0 it’s a cardio only day.


Warming up is so important before jumping right into your core workout. If you are new to exercise, please ask your healthcare provider before joining a new exercise program. My goal for you is to get strong, lean and also have fun! Making a choice to be healthy is a lifestyle not a one time investment. Invest in your body. It's the only vehicle you've got.                           

30 sec                                                  Isometric March

30 sec                                                  Squats 

30 sec                                                  Step Elbow Opposite Knee

30 sec                                                  Bounce Arm Circles

30 sec                                                  Twist

30 sec                                                  Jumping Jacks

Once you are done completing your warm up you can move onto the workout. Please make sure to have water near, a towel, mat and sneakers. 




One round is 45 seconds of work and 10 seconds of recovery. Week One you start with 3 rounds and add a round each week. 


Skate Lateral Run: You will start in the middle of your mat. You will be exploding from one side of your mat to the other while bringing your knees to your chest. Your weight will be shifting from one leg to the other making this move great for balance. 

Move 2

High Knee Cross: Start by taking your right knee to your left elbow and switch. The key here is you should be using your abs to lift your legs not your hip flexor. This move is great for toning those obliques as well. Make sure to stay light on the toes here too.

Move 3

Criss-Cross Jump: Stand in the middle of your mat and pretend you have a jump rope in your hands. Slowly criss-cross your arms and legs using your inner thighs and rotator cuff to do the work. 

Move 4

180's: I love this move because it gets your heart rate up! Start in a squat and as you exhale you will jump into the air in a 180 degree manner. Make sure to keep that chest up as you touch the ground and the weight shifted in the heel of the foot when you land. 


Move 5

Tuck Split Lunge: This move requires a little bit of coordination and "ups" but I know you can all do it! Start by jump up into a tuck jump and land in a squat. Just as you land be prepared to get right into the split lunge. 


Move 6

Ballet Burpies: One of my favorite "NUFit" trademarked moves! Start in a sumo squat with your arms out. As you jump into the air you will criss-cross those legs using your inner thighs. When you land you will immediately continue on into a sumo burpie. 

— CARDIO 2.0 —

This day is all about the cardio! No toning!

45 sec work, 15 seconds recovery // 3 rounds x 3 times = 1 round full round.
After you complete a whole three rounds take a 2 minute recovery before hitting sets 2 and 3.



Each tone move will be preformed in reps. For example week one your tone move calls for 15 reps and your number of reps will increase as the weeks move forward and you get stronger. Remember, if the tone move calls for alternating sides you need to do the same reps on both sides to even out the body. In between each set, take a quick 15 second break/stretch and then get back into the move. Form is key here, so if you have to move slower that is totally fine. 


Move 1

Lateral Push: Start in a squat. Chest up with feet shoulder width a part and the weight in the heel of your foot. As you inhale deepen the squat and as you exhale extend one of the legs laterally using your outer and inner thighs. 


Move 2

Cross-core touch: Start in a plank position. As you shift your weight to one side of the body take the opposite knee to opposite hand. This move is amazing for hitting those oblique muscles. 


Move 3

V-Ups: Start by lying on your back. I want to make sure your core is activated before we start moving. Pull your chin towards your chest and slowly lift your shoulders 1 inch off the ground. This is going to keep your abs engaged the entire time. Then as you inhale extend your arms and legs and as you exhale use your abs to come to the top. 


Move 4

Lunge Kick-Back: Start in a standing position with legs slightly a part. You will move into a lunge. When you come up from the lunge you will use the opposing muscle group (the hamstring) and extend that leg back using your glute muscles as well. 

Move 5

Curtsy Lunge: Start is a basic squat. You will slowly start to move to one side of the body in a curtsy position. Once you come back to the middle of your mat you will add an extra step by bringing in that leg to touch the other by really engaging those inner thighs. 


Move 6

Push-Up Shoulder Touch: Start is a push-up position. Take an inhale as you head towards the ground and exhale on the way up. When you reach the top, tap one shoulder then the other trying to keep those hips square. 


6 continued

Modified Push-UP Shoulder Touch: Start is a modified push-up position. Take an inhale as you head towards the ground and exhale on the way up. When you reach the top, tap one shoulder then the other trying to keep those hips square. 

Move 7

Tricep Push-Back: You will be on your knees to start. Slowly tilt forward the ground and into a tricep push-up. As you exhale you will be engaging your glutes and hamstrings to pull you back to the top. 

NUFit!! I can't wait to see all of your progress!! DON'T forget to STRETCH after each day! Recovery is just as important as the work. Please make sure to reach out with any questions and share your photos on instagram! Together we can do anything! 



Leggings and Top: BELOFORTE
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning
Graphic Design by: Brianna Corn