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Sophie is one of those BOSS women who just "gets sh$t done!" She is a wife, mother, business owner, and creator of many things. The minute you meet Sophie, you feel her passion and instantly know where that fire is coming from ... it's deep down in her soul and it drives her every day. The most successful women I have been around all have that similar fire ... it's special and it's something that sets them apart. You can tell she is very focused on her work and wants to positively impact the world in a big way. 

Sophie invited us into her home (which is so lovely btw) and into her kitchen. As you know, Sophie is a trained chef so I was so excited to experience her "oh so" delicious smoothie bowl that I crave everyday on her Instagram feed. Each of Sophie's Superfood + Protein Blends is vegan, raw, gluten-free, and has absolutely no filler ingredients (YES Please!!). Sophie whipped up her Glowy Berry Bliss Acai Smoothie Bowl for us and my favorite part was watching her carefully care for each bowl. You can tell she puts so much love and energy into her food and you cannot help but feel amazing after eating it.

But there is so much more to this lady ... she is also the founder of IGNTD with her husband Adi Jaffe (Adi's story is incredible and his Ted Talk is MIND BLOWING!) Power couple right here. Honestly, I was beyond blown away by the strength and honesty of these two. It's very refreshing hearing other people's struggles and knowing that nobody's perfect. Together, they have created IGNTD, where their mission is to ignite everyone they work with across every facet of life: relationships, career and well-being. (I mean ... this work is the most important work we can do!) Their IGNTD retreats are geared toward creating the life you want by helping you feel fulfilled and happy.

Also, we are so lucky because Sophie is coming to Vail, Colorado with our dear friend Caley this fall! These two powerhouses have put together a retreat called IGNTD Women, Sept 28th - Oct 1st. I don't know about you, but I am definitely going! 

That being said, I feel blessed to call this special human my friend and I hope you enjoy reading her story as much as I did writing it. 

xx Nat

Sophie's Favorite Things:

1. Everything in this photo has a healing pink hue to it, representing love. My favorite CRAP Eyewear, pink sunglasses really reinstate my life my motto of seeing life with rose tinted glasses. 2. I love starting my day out getting rid of old energy by burning my treasured Palo Santo sticks, sold here on my website: 3. I then jot down some of my thoughts for the day the in one of my journals. I am constantly inspired for ideas for work and motherhood, and it helps to write them down first thing, so I can go back and reflect. 4. My rose quartz crystal can harness the power of the full moon by placing it in the lunar light to cleanse the energy it has gathered or purify it with the smoke of sage or palo santo, all of which our sold in our beloved moon satchels, you can find them here:


sophie jaffe is a wellness expert, certified raw food chef, yoga teacher, founder of philosophie and mother

NICKNAME: philosophie goddess

1. what's your why? Love + compassion! Everything I do is rooted in wanting to make the world a brighter, more healthy place for my kids, my husband, my family, my friends, and even people I may never meet. I want to put as much love as I can into the world, and for me this means sharing superfoods and wellness.

2. three qualities that have made you successful? Being driven. I think that if you start your own company you have to be committed, passionate, and always looking and pushing forward. If you are, you’ll be able to build a supportive tribe of people who will help share your vision with the world and make it a reality. Being authentic + myself. People really want to know the real you, to feel truly connected, so that when you are open and you are real, you’ll find your own beautiful community and you’ll really begin to shine. Being positive. There are so many ups and downs with having a business. To make it through and climb that mountain, you have to be positive, you have to maintain a glass-half-full attitude–while, of course, always look for solutions and innovative ways to be on the up and up!

3. change you would like to see for women in our industry? This goes for any industry – I want women to realize that they don’t have to “do it all.” I used to feel so stressed about making sure that everything in Philosophie was moving forward while also being the best mother and wife I could. Being a mama is a full time job, so if you’re working or trying to run your own business, there can definitely be tough times. One day though, it hit me though—as long as my kids are safe, happy, and healthy, that’s all that truly matters. Everything else is an added bonus in life. And with that mentality, I’ve been able to do more, and do it with a smile.

4. moment you felt like you made it? Recently Urban Outfitters started selling our superfoods, and it’s been flying off the shelves! But when I help people (whether it’s George Clooney or my own dad) feel more energetic, more lively, and more like themselves, that’s when I truly feel like I’ve made it.

5: why is it important to build other women up? Have  you seen the “Lift Each Other Up” GIF on Facebook or Instagram? A Brooklyn-based illustrator named Libby Vanderploeg posted it in honor of International Women’s Day, and it went viral. It’s a single scene on loop - one woman gives a second woman a “boost” and she is lifted up and out of the frame, while a third woman slides up from the bottom of the frame and gives the first woman a “boost up” so she makes it to the top. Its beautiful cycle delightfully illustrates this powerful point: “The greatest thing women can do is help each other make it to the top.” We all get to the top that way.

6. favorite way to sweat? A HIIT workout in the park on a gorgeous day, followed by a yoga flow to cool down and stretch everything out. I feel AMAZING afterwards.

7: one food that will help you live a long healthy life? Camu camu berries! They’re bursting with antioxidants, which combat those pesky free radicals that damage our DNA and lead to accelerated aging. You can them in Philosophie’s Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend, which features camu camu, along with other potent anti-agers.

8: mindset means? Everything. My mindset is doing everything from a place of love—which means working out because I actually love the movements that I’m having my body do, or eating because I love how the food tastes and how it makes me feel. The moment you do something that’s “good for you” without having any passion for it is the moment you lose your glow.

9. what's one thing in our business that on one talks about but needs to be addressed? Wellness oftentimes comes across as being something that’s inaccessible to a lot of people. For instance, some people feel that healthy food is too expensive or not tasty enough, or maybe yoga classes aren’t for them because they’re “not flexible.” All of that needs to change. That’s why I created Philosophie – I wanted to help people start eating more of these amazing, nutritionally-dense foods with greater ease. I actually dropped my prices because I want it to be affordable, not a luxury. People of ALL backgrounds  have every right to look and feel their absolute best so they can leap out of bed every morning and tackle their dreams and goals.

10. what's one piece of advice you can give to the next generation of female rock stars? Remember to carve out self-care every day. It’s so easy to go, go, go and feel so bombarded that you don’t even have a second to jump off your computer, put down your phone, and stop working. However, it’s so critical to give you some YOU time. Get a massage, take 10 minutes to meditate, yoga it out, breathe. Find a way to thank, celebrate, and nourish your soul each day so that you can continue to kill it each day.

"Her mission is to help people achieve their fullest state of health by making it easy to get complete nutrition in every meal. Each of Sophie's Superfood + Protein Blends is vegan, raw, gluten-free, and has absolutely no filler ingredients."

SOPHIE's tip


The Glowy Berry Bliss Acai Smoothie Bowl:

1-2 Servings

Gather This:

2 Cups Almond Milk

1 Banana

1 Acai Smoothie Packet (We love Sambazon!)

1 Tsp Berry Bliss

1 Tsp Green Dream

1 Tbsp Berry Bliss Coconut Butter

1 Tsp Green Bee Honey

1 Tbsp Almond Butter

Handful of ice

Do This:

Blend Away! Pour into bowl and top with whatever your heart desires! Our favorites are: Granola, Chia+Hemp Seeds for tons of Omegas (aka anti-aging) Shredded Coconut, Cacao Nibs, or fresh Organic Berries!

All 3 flavors of Philosophie Superfoods rock in any type of smoothie! When I wake up I decide what I am feeling like, bright, savory, or grounding (hi Cacao Magic!) For the Glowing Acai Bowl, I used Berry Bliss and Green Dream. They compliment each other so well with the Acai Berry, and I know it’s a match made in heaven!

Berry Bliss is super high in antioxidants, Vitamin A, protein, and contains camu camu, one of the most abundant sources for Vitamin C, as well as Mangosteen, and expotic fruit. Theses sweet fruits are high in fiber and potassium. Berry Bliss also contains sprouted, activated brown rice powder making it alive, meaning more protein and less carbs. Brown rice protein powder adds a nourishing boost of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is involved in sleep, mood, focus and growth hormone release.

Antioxidant powerhouses Acai Berry and Goji Berry are super anti inflammatory, as well as providing Omega 6 and 9. These healthy fats are essential to brain function! Goji Berry has specific antioxidants that protect your eyes, heart, improves circulation, and balances blood sugar. Not to mention, it contains compounds that may decrease the risk of developing cancer! Both berries are also a great source of iron, especially Goji.

I love the benefits I get from Green Dream! GD contains Spirulina, a blue-green algae that has a whopping 60% protein content, plant based of course!

Spirulina also Detoxes Heavy Metals, Eliminates Candida, Helps prevent certain Cancers, Boosts Energy and the list goes on and on! It also has Maca powder, which helps balance your hormones, keep your energy levels steady, and improves memory and focus!

When I have a jammed pack day, which is everyday!, I rely so heavily on my superfoods to give me the extra nutritional punch I need to work as efficiently and productively as possible! Food really is medicine!

Please let me know how you enjoy this smoothie, and if you notice a difference in how you feel as well as increased energy! I love hearing from you guys!

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Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning
Graphic Design by: Brianna Corn