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People ask me all the time how to achieve that lean toned body and I love recommending one of my favorite exercise tools the Theraband CLX band! I am personally a big body weight based trainer, but pairing that philosophy with these resistance bands makes for a really great combo and not to mention awesome results! But, most importantly I love these bands because the chances of you getting injured is basically zero since you are simply not throwing around heavy weights that can lead to injuries if not done properly. Also theses bands are so multifunctional, you can literally do any movement with them. The individual loop sections make this band so unique and is staple in my workout bag. 

I hope you enjoy the 5 moves I paired together just for you! If you are looking for more workouts make sure to click HERE. 

xx Nat

NUFit Band Exercises

The workout consist of 5 resistance band moves x 3 rounds

The Formula

You will complete each move for a total of 30 reps (make sure to alternate sides). You will start with move #1 and go down the list. After completing all 5 band moves, take a quick 30 second break and get back into round 2. There are a total of 3 rounds. Your body should be shot after three rounds so make sure to go slow and watch your form! Posture is everything!


  Lean Toned Body

5 Exercises

Natalie Theraband Exercises

Outer Leg Push 

This is a great way to use the band. It is hard to tone those outer thighs so by using the bands you can add resistance and really tone that outer glute area. 

Natalie Theraband Exercises

Glute Kick- Back

I love working my booty this way! The combination of slow movements mixed with control leaves you feeling that burning sensation all day long. 

Natalie Theraband Exercises

Upper Body Press

If you are looking for those summer arms this move is for you. You will work the chest, triceps, lats and traps!  It is the ultimate upper body burner.

Natalie Theraband Exercises

Tricep Extension 

No exercise can burn those triceps better than this move! I love using the band to add that extra resistance that will leave you with sleek looking arms. 


Rotation Push 

We can't forget about those abs so why not pair it with a little bit of upper body work as well?!? This move is great for building upper body strength as well as core strength. 

Watch the Video of All Five in Sequence



Leggings: ADANOLA Leggings
Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning