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Well friends, my much needed break has been extended a little bit longer than I had planned, but man am I ready to get back into the flow of things! I’ve been spending this time relaxing my mind and body. Restoring myself for all that’s to come! This has been so important for me to do as I have been experiencing a lot of health obstacles. Luckily, taking a break combined with using the amazing Silver Fern Ultimate Probiotic, has worked wonders and is making such a difference in my overall health. There’s so much to learn when it comes to probiotics. They can help in so many different ways which is why I am such a huge advocate for it! 

As many of you know, the health and fertility challenges I’ve been experiencing have made it even more important to make sure my body is as healthy as possible and that I’m treating it right. I mean ... creating life is nothing short of a huge deal right!? Which is why I’m so glad I’ve started to use Silver Fern Ultimate Probiotic, as having healthy gut health can make such a difference when trying to conceive and also during pregnancy. When a baby is ready to come into the world they pass down your vaginal canal, the baby immediately gets exposed to the mother's gut flora for the first time. So, it is so important that you give your baby the best chances when first getting exposed to bacteria right out of the gate. What mother wouldn't want to set their kid up for success right?! I found this fact so amazing because it is so fasanating that you can literally dictate and your new babies health right from the start. So, below I personallywanted to share many favorite ways these magic pills can upgrade your every day life. 

5 Additional Things Probiotics Can Do For You:  

1. Optimal gut health

A good probiotic will help you digest food and take in nutrients by producing enzymes, reducing inflammation and even converting nutrients into being more absorbable. 

2. Clear skin

Added bonus! When everything internally is working correctly, it will show in your clear, glowing skin. Trust your gut instead of pilling makeup on your face that is like adding fuel to a fire. You have to do the inside work first. 

3. Optimal digestion and absorption of food

Probiotics have the capability to restore balance to the intestinal tract, regulate the gut immune response, and improve the body’s ability to deal with all food components.  Which can help reduce sensitivity to different foods. No more feeling sick after you eat dinner ... take the time to clean up your gut bacteria. 

4. Immune support

The strains in there are extremely helpful in fighting colds, flus and infections. Honestly, this is so true. If you fuel your car with crappy gas your car will not run well ... same concept here. 

5. Mood

Due to imbalances in your gut, it can be linked to experiencing depression, mood swings, anxiety, and concentration issues. Probiotics can make permanent positive changes by restoring the growth of good microbes to your intestinal tract. Happy stomach = happy life. 


If you’re experiencing any sort of health issues or toxic energy, I suggest it’s time for full GUT DETOX! You can simply start doing this by taking a probiotic regularly and drinking my favorite Detox Juice (find the recipe here). This is a great way to start the healing process and get your gut health + overall health back on track. Since we are heading into a new season there is no better time than NOW to start living your best life. I really challenge you to take this information and really dig in. It is simply up to you how you want your health to play out. My number one goal is to get you out of the doctors and back LIVING. xx Natalie

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Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning