The Best Moisturizers for Skin That’s Baby Soft This Ski Season

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Oh the struggles of winter—cold weather, cloudy skies, and the dreaded flu virus that runs rampant. The woes of winter are real but today I’m talking about dry skin. Now that’s it’s January and winter is in full swing, it feels like the cold air is sucking the moisture out of our skin. Here in Colorado, winter means ski season which ultimately means being exposed to the elements while hitting the slopes. One secret to keeping your skin happy and healthy during ski season is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. No one wants to deal with dry, irritated skin, that’s why I put together this list of creams and balms that will keep your skin hydrated all winter long.


Maya Chia: The Super Blend - Pressed Serum Brightening Moisture Concentrate

The second this serum hits your skin you can feel it working and sinking in to restore moisture. Here in the Rocky Mountains we need products that get the job done and let me tell you, this stuff works and is well worth the price tag. Say hello to brighter and softer skin this winter!

Shop: Maya Chia The Super Blend - Pressed Serum Brightening Moisture Concentrate



Josh Rosebrook: Vital Balm Cream

This vital balm cream has the consistency or a moisturizer but the power of a balm. By “facilitating maximum cellular hydration” this repairs and restores dry skin. I love that this product is soothing and calming— it feels incredible after a day in the mountains!

Shop: Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream


One Love Organics: Skin Savior

A product that cleanses and moisturizes? Yes please! This product keeps it simple. To cleanse, warm a small amount in your hands and rub onto skin to remove dirt and makeup then rinse with warm water. To moisturize, apply a ½ pea sized amount to damp skin. This product will do wonders for your skin this season.  

Shop: One Love Organics Skin Savior


May Lindstrom: The Blue Cocoon

The Blue Cocoon is a facial oil in a waterless and waxless balm form. Use this all over your face for a glowing complexion. It works to deliver maximum hydration and eliminate redness and irritation. The secret ingredient? Blue tansy “which clams and relieves inflammation on an unparalleled level.” To sum it up, this products is ammmazzzzinnggg.

Shop: May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon


Do you have a natural moisturizer that you absolutely love?
Leave me a comment telling my why you love it! 

Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning