How to Love Your Body Even When it Seems to Fail You

self-love, motherhood


Hi loves! As you know, I am incredibly passionate about the topic of fertility and I want to continue to share my experiences with you. After suffering from RPL (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss) it was very difficult for me to trust my body again. 

I know that sounds crazy because my body is my business, but it's the truth. When you are going through RPL it's comforting to know that other women feel the same way. It's normal to feel out of your body and to feel upset at your body too. There were times I was so mad at my body for not holding up its end of the bargain ... I mean if you eat right, exercise and live mindfully your body is supposed to do exactly what you want it to right?!?! 

I have always loved myself and my body. Even as a little girl I always liked who I was and I still do, so during this time of loss, I was faced with new feelings that I had never had to deal with before. Feelings of doubt, disbelief, and anger started to rise. It was like I was so mad at something that had served me so well all my life and all of the sudden I was turning my back on myself. 

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom last summer that I started to stop obsessing over getting pregnant and started working on myself from the inside out. There was a time where I was just over myself. But I knew in my heart that I had to change my mindset if this little light was going to pick me as their mom. So the journey began and I started working with Cecily, the owner of the Fertile Ground Wellness Center. I started down the road of trusting myself again. Cecily has taught me so much about the body, nutrition, mindset and overall life. She has guided me through this process and has always reassured me that my body is PERFECT and it wants to DO this and it WILL. When you are in the dumps like I was it is so important to have that person in your ear telling you, YOU CAN DO IT! I have never missed an appointment with Cecily since I started working with her and that weekly constant reminder that your body is working for you not against you is so key. Mindset is everything! After the summer months ended I began to trust my body again and began taking care of it in ways that were very soft and motherly. So, I wanted to share my three tips that helped me love and honor my body again:

1. Self Dialogue

Every morning I would wake up and thank my body for everything that it has done for me and was going to do for me that day. It has helped me so much as it really sets your day up in the right way. I also wrote a saying on my bathroom mirror that I would read out loud just to make sure I was putting all my energy out into the universe to hear. I truly believe when you say things they become part of your life. 

2. Read

I read so many books during this time about pregnancy and loss and everything in between. It really helped me understand that the mind, body, and soul are all part of this miracle process. You have to allow the process to be fluid and with that, your body and mind need to be ready to receive. A few of my favorite books are Yes I Can Get Pregnant and How to Conceive Naturally: And Have a Healthy Pregnancy after 30. These two were like bibles to me and I cherished every word! If you have not read these, get on Amazon and buy them ASAP. 

3. Self-Care

Do things that make you happy again and take care of your body! I love getting massages so I made sure that this was apart of my routine and I made an effort to do things that made me feel good inside. Once you start to feel good again you can get your head back in the game to start trying again. You want your body and mind to be in a sound state before trying again. It's mother nature and who knows the outcome but when you are solid outside and inside the waters seem less scary to navigate. 


I hope these tips help you along the way and remember, NEVER GIVE UP! Your body is the most magical thing on this planet and it's times like these that make you cherish it even more. 

Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning