3 Tips on how to eat clean


"a healthy outside starts with a healthy inside"


Hi! Welcome to my "HOW TO" September series! This week we are talking about how to eat clean .... basically getting rid of the junk on your plate and fueling with nutrient dense foods.

I'm giving you three simple tips that will help you exercise new habits and hopefully get you on the right path. I am not a big fan of the word "diet," diets are so restrictive and honestly not sustainable. I want YOU to feel empowered to start eating foods that are going to allow you to live a LONG, HEALTY, FULFILLED life. I promise you eating more fruits and vegetables will change your life.

So, for the whole month of  September make sure to head to my Facebook page every Tuesday for the release of that weeks "How To" topic. After you view my video and like it, make sure to take notes because every THURSDAY at 8pm EST I will be doing a follow-up Facebook LIVE Q+A for you! This week bring all your questions about healthy food! If you have any good recipes to share bring those too!

xx Natalie