3 Tips on how to turn your passion into your mission


"time to make your dreams a reality"


Hi! Welcome to my "How To" September series! This week we are talking about how to turn your passion into your mission. I, like many of you once worked in corporate america and know how hard it is to take that initial leap. Believe me, it took a lot of guts and preparation to leave my full-time job with benefits at Ralph Lauren. I was terrifed and so nervous but I knew deep down I was willing to do whatever it took to make it. I simply wanted it more than the next girl, my passion and drive was unstoppable. I had no idea what path my fitness career would take me but I was willing to give it everything I had. One thing I knew was was true ... I just loved to move.

I hope my personal story provides some of you that added strength and extra push to go after your dreams. I had been manifesting my fitness career since I was 13 years old and I know deep down I was born to live this life. When you discover your passion and you mix it with new found inner strength you will be surprised at what you CAN do.

So, for the whole month of  September make sure to head to my Facebook page every Tuesday for the release of that weeks "How To" topic. After you view my video and like it, make sure to take notes because every THURSDAY at 8pm EST I will be doing a follow-up Facebook LIVE Q+A for you! This week bring all your questions about chasing your dreams!

xx Natalie