Body Oil


Simple way to keep your skin hydrated year round

The Body Oil Breakdown

Body oils are a great way to enhance the quality and appearance of the skin ... so basically I bathe in it! :)

Claim to fame: Depending on the oil, they all have unique and special healing powers.

Science: The best oils are organic, chemical-free and rooted from nature. To maximize moisture into your skin, allow the oil to sit on your skin for about five minutes before putting on your clothes. The best time to apply oil is right after you shower, your skin is damp and the oil can soak into your skin more effectively. Oils also contain ingredients that specifically help target areas on the body. Before buying an oil, make sure to do your research on what the oils benefits and uses are.

Why I love: There is nothing worse than dry, cracked skin! Body oils are the one thing that keep skin looking fresh and hydrated year round. I personally get all my oils at Whole Foods, because it's easy and that's where I do my grocery shopping. Click here to purchase my favorite oils.


Photographer Credit: Dustin Roderick