June Challenge: DAY 15


"Natalie Uhling Presents"

#NUFitSQUAD it's time to rock DAY 15 of my 30 day NUFit Challenge with my badass friends at The Coveteur.

Today's moves are so much fun and I can't wait to do them with YOU! So, listen up ... I will be "setting" up the moves while also talking through form and explaining what muscle groups you will be working. Once you understand the move and all the mechanics you will then turn on your favorite tunes and ROCK out NUFit style!

Female athletes, make sure to tighten those ponytails and male athletes make sure to tighten your shoe laces! Together let's do this and don't forget to have fun! TAG me @natalieuhling with your all your success! I LOVE hearing from you.

xxx Natalie