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Father's Day Gift Guide

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Summer is flying and I cannot believe it's already Father's Day this weekend. I love celebrating Father's Day because my dad Terry is my hero! My dad and I are very similar ... my mom would say we are 1. VERY stubborn 2. Work horses 3. LOVE people 4. Talk A LOT ... maybe too much 5. LOVE HUSKER FOOTBALL!

Growing up my dad never missed a game, he was "that dad" in the bleachers cheering me on! One of my favorite childhood memories was when my dad would take me to http://www.tcby.com (YUM) after a big game. As we ate our ice-cream we would dissect every play and player, figuring out ways I could out beat my competition! Can you say competitive much??? I am 100% my father's daughter!

One of the greatest lessons my dad taught me was to never give up and work harder than your opponent. He would say, "Natalie, you cannot out beat reps, if you want it bad enough you have to practice." So, for all those SPORTY dad's out there, thank you for giving your daughters the confidence to play hard and most importantly treating us like the boys!

There you have it! My Father's Day Gift Guide is set for you to shop for your sporty dad!

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Happy Father's Day!

xx Natalie

2015 Natalie Uhling Montauk