June Challenge: Day 29


"Natalie Uhling Presents"

#NUFitSQUAD it's time to rock the last NUFit "Workout Wednesday" DAY 29 of my 30 day NUFit Challenge with my friends at The Coveteur.

Today's section is all about cardio! I get so excited when I see the "cardio 2.0" days on the schedule! It's the perfect time to crank those tunes and get working!

NUFit'letes, thank you all for your hard work this month, I am so proud of you! Don't forget to stay tuned for next months episodes featuring special guest, Pro dancer Allie Kirby! We have so much in store for you! Lastly, TAG me @natalieuhling with all your success and use the #NUFitSQUAD.

xxx Natalie