June Challenge: Day 22


"Natalie Uhling Presents"

#NUFitSQUAD it's time to rock DAY 22 of my 30 day NUFit Challenge with my lovely friends at The Coveteur.

Today's moves are all about building that upper body strength! Remember, it's so important to master the form before going full-out. So, once you get the form nailed down you will be off to the races. When I am training I like to use the expression, "quality or quantity."

So, athletes, make sure to grab your towels and turn up the tunes! Since music plays such a huge part of what I do make sure to have fun and use music as your fuel! After your workout don't forget to TAG me @natalieuhling with your all your success and use the #NUFitSQUAD.

xxx Natalie