Meet Allie Kirby!


“The Business of being Allie”


Happy July everyone! This month I am so excited to introduce YOU to my amazing friend Allie Kirby! She has officially joined the NU Academy! Allie is a great friend of mine, but most importantly an incredible woman who is killing the game in both sports and in business.

Allie is a professional dancer for the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders (SUPER BOWL 2015 CHAMP) and works at New Era Group, one of Colorado’s top real estate firms … which basically means she kicks butt! Her unique passion for sport and business is what connected Allie and I from the beginning. I could tell from the minute I met her she was one driven lady!! Not many people know how hard these DBC girls work …. Allie is not only a professional athlete but she excels off the field as well. This type of dedication takes a certain type of individual to do this … hard work, no days off and sacrifice. It’s the pure love of the game and dedication that keeps girls like Allie playing full out.

This month let’s celebrate this female athlete as she joins the #NUFitSQUAD! Don’t worry because Allie has choreographed a dance JUST FOR YOU!! Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel every Wednesday as we “add on” to Allie’s choreography each week.

Make sure to follow Allie @Allie Kirby on instagram and use the #GLITTERBOMB to show us all your dance moves! We are here to inspire you and share our LOVE of movement with all of you! Remember, dreams do come true if you are willing to do the work! Go after your dreams and never give up, because if you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen. xxx

Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning