Summer Corn Salad



Easy and simple

A lot of you guys have been asking me about simple and easy summer recipes, so today I'm sharing it with you! Big shout out to my mom who is a killer cook and passed the love of cooking down to my sister and me. The kitchen was always the place where the whole family congregated, we loved hanging around the counter tops while my mom whipped up delicious food. My sister and I loved helping my mom cut up produce or mix ingredients while my mother spewed knowledge about food and preparation. We were like sponges to water, soaking up every word while admiring my mother's craft.



1 pint of cherry tomatoes 1 jicama 1 lemon 1 avocado 1 cucumber 2 corn stalks


First, start by washing your produce, which would be your cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Once those items are washed, you can husk your corn and wash that too! Make sure to wash the naked corn because those corn strings can be a bummer if you get one of those caught in your teeth while eating your salad. Now that everything is washed and ready, you can begin to cut up your produce and place items into a salad bowl. I like to start with the tomatoes, then slowly move onto the items that need to be peeled. For the produce that needs to be peeled, take a peeler and start peeling back the skin. The peeled items are the jicama and the cucumber. Once peeled, cut into small cubes. Personally, I like my salads a bit chunky but feel free to cut how you like.

Once that's complete, take your corn and a knife and begin shaving pieces off. Make sure you have a steady surface, because the corn can get slippery and I don't want you to cut yourself! Next, move onto the avocado. I like to section the avocado like a grid and then take a spoon and pull out the meat of the avocado. Finally, simply place the avocado chunks on top.

Lastly, cut your lemon in half and squeeze onto the salad! There you have it, a simple and healthy summer salad. Enjoy!


Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning