NU x AK Issue 03


“Natalie Uhling Presents”

Week Three // Hip Hop

It's week three and I am so impressed with all the amazing NUFitSQUAD subscribers! Issue 03 is live and we are so excited to be bringing some hip hop moves to you this week.

Since it's "hip hop" week, we want you to show us your individual style! This means … get outside that comfort zone and make it yours. Dance like no one is watching and have fun! Being creative + individual thinker is the best way to express yourself, simply tell your story and DO YOU!

Next week, stay tuned for the FINAL episode with our amazing friend @Allie Kirby. She is going to teach us the last 8 count and then it is time to take it from the top!

Remember, don't forget subscribe to my YouTube channel because next month I will be introducing you to another NUFitSQUAD member! She is passionate about life, dance and the outdoors so you definitely don't want to miss her debut. Can't wait!



Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning