NU x AK Issue 04


“Natalie Uhling Presents”

The final week!

FOURRRRRRRRR! That's right NUFitSQUAD it's the fourth quarter and it's time to take it to the finish line with this months NU guest Allie Kirby! It's been such a pleasure having Allie on my channel all month and we are sad to see her go.

But.......don't worry, we will have her and her unstoppable energy back soon!

For this last week all I ask of you is to go full out! Now you know the whole dance, so it's your turn to let it out and shine! I want you to get sweaty and have fun!

Team, AUGUST is just around the corner and that means BACK TO SCHOOL for so many of you! Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to my channel becuase I am releasing a commercial for August you don't want to miss! It's game time baby!



Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning