NU x Chameleon Cold-Brew


“How To Drink Cold-Brew Hot”

Pass the joe please

For those of you who know me, know how much I love coffee and honestly, I think my dad might be the world's #1 consumer! One might say, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." I love every thing about this little cup of happiness ... I enjoy the ritual, the smell, the way I feel, but most importantly I love how this little bean brings so many cultures and people together from around the world. If you think about it ... it's pretty amazing what this tiny bean means to so many of us.

Organic partnerships like this are special because I am not trying to introduce or sell you guys on something that I do not use. Every thing I I share on my blog I personally use. I found Chameleon Cold-Brew on my own as I was dealing with some stomach issues and my GI doctor told me to "lay off the caffeine." As you can image I was so bummed and started doing a ton of reach to find an  alternative. That's when I found Chameleon! Many of you might not know but cold-brew has less acidity than traditional coffee. This means the coffee is easier on your stomach and doesn't cause those sensitivity issues in the gut/bladder like regular coffee can do.

So, for the whole month of November I have partnered up with my friends at Chameleon Cold-Brew to show you amazing RECIPES that involve Chameleon Cold-Brew! Every Tuesday in November we will be releasing the weeks NU x Chameleon Cold-Brew Recipe! With the holiday's being around the corner these recipes are HEALTHY and will keep you powered up all day long.


For this weeks episode I am showing you "Three ways to make Cold-Brew Hot." Many people think that "cold-brew" can only be served cold ... well my friends, you are so wrong! Once I discovered this, it was a game-changer for me. You can drink cold-brew hot year round!

Join us this November as we share the coffee gift with you! Make sure to subscribe to my channel x Chameleon's channel to learn more! xxx

Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning

Video by Lightworkers Republic

Music by Alex Warzel