Rooted in Legacy


“Being an athlete is a part of our family ... it's in our blood”

Sport x family

Name: Gioia Bartalo Nickname: G Hometown: Tampa, FL How long have you been dancing? 20+ years How long you have been a pro athlete/dancer? 3 years Favorite style of dance? Hip Hop What style of dance are you most known for? (Your specialty) Even though I was trained as a technical dancer in a studio setting, I fell in love with hip hop during college. That’s my “go to,” and probably what other people would say is my favorite style! Why Broncos? Even though I’m a Florida girl, I was raised a die-hard Broncos fan! There is nothing like the Mile High Magic, especially when it’s paired with a culture of tradition, excellence and winning championships. You came from an very sports driven family can you tell us about that? Saying my family is sports-driven is probably an understatement... Haha! My dad played in the NFL & my mom cheered in the NFL. My stepdad played college baseball. My stepmom played college softball and is now an ironman triathlete. My brothers and sister are all active in sports as well! Being an athlete is a part of our family… it’s in our blood. Why is being a FEMALE athlete so important to you? Being a female athlete means getting after it. It means being intentional, ambitious, driven, focused, motivating, and passionate. It means smashing your goals, raising the bar higher, and inspiring the next generation of female athletes to do the same. Favorite workout? Climbing mountains ;) I’m really into hiking. Especially here in Colorado, where your casual Saturday stroll takes you to the top of a mountain! What's your WHY? Right now, my teammates are my WHY. Being the best team possible requires every one’s best effort! If you think about getting better for your teammates standing next to you, the motivation is endless.


As you can see Gioia is not your typical female, she was truly born to play! Her roots are filled with professional athletes and it's no wonder G is who she is today!

Join me and my #NUFitSQUAD for the whole month of August as we talk about what it means to be #NUFitReady. It means setting goals, showing up and doing the work. It's about making scarifies, leadership and staying late even when you are tired. It's that inside gut hunger that keeps you wanting more and expecting nothing less. NUFit is more than sport it is a way of life. Let's celebrate Gioia Bartalo  as she becomes the newest member of the #NUFitSQUAD and shares WHY she is #NUFitREADY! xxx

Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning