It's August ...


Are you NUFit ready?

Filled with Legacy ...

If you know sports then you understand the importance of timing. For the month of August, I am teaming up with my amazing "all-star squad" of female athletes for a series of NUFit™ classes to get you "game day ready". Whether it's the intense training I put the DBC women through to get them field ready, or simply the love for sport and competition, the word August means more than just gearing up for an all male-based sport we love called football. The word AUGUST creates emotion no matter who you are. For the month of August, come join me as we get to know NUFit guest female pro athlete Gioia Bartalo. Gioia's story is filled with LEGACY and is very much rooted in the game of football and dance. Her father played in the NFL and her mother also a NFL Cheerleader; Gioia not only loves sports but she was born to play. So, for Gioia, you can only imagine what the word AUGUST means to her.


Stay tuned

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of "It's AUGUST ... Are you NUFit Ready?" featuring superstar athlete Gioia Bartalo. Stay tuned for the official premiere dropping August 3rd, where you will get to know Gioia on a deeper level and find out her "WHY"! Also, I will be releasing my full August NUFitREADY class schedule on Wednesday, so make sure to check out the schedule and go sign up! xx Natalie Photographer Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning