The Ultimate Girl Gift

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Stop traffic while heading to the gym

Once thing is true ... I love my Jocelyn Pink Fur! I have always loved her collection and had a chance to meet her when she came to Colorado a couple months ago. The collection was beautiful and I am of course a sucker for anything that is oversized, furry and pale pink. She didn't need to twist my arm one bit to try on my new furry friend. Since I am in workout clothes all day every day, I like to dress up my outfits with a little spice and attitude. I mean ... otherwise this stuff sits in my closet so why not right?!

So, if you are still looking for that one last gift for your best friend or loved this is it. I promise you, this furry number will be the star of the show. The great thing about this fur is you can wear it to the gym, dress it up by throwing it over your cocktail party dress or pair with those busted up jeans and a white t-shit. Honestly, all three ways work. When it comes to self expression and fashion there are NO RULES in my house! Simply, be you and have fun with it! Fashion is just another way to express yourself so go #STOPTRAFFIC and don't forget to Shop HERE!




Photography: Chelsea Chorpenning