Twas the night before Christmas


Holiday, Family

Christmas Eve

This time of year brings so many childhood memories to mind, but the most memorable are growing up always centered around our family's Christmas Eve dinner! My mother is an amazing cook and our Christmas Eve dinner was something my sister and I looked forward to every year. Mom spent hours in the kitchen, preparing her homemade white rolls, cutting up her vegetable salad and let's not forget making her famous Christmas Soup! The "Christmas Soup" is quite famous and has been our family's Christmas Eve tradition since we were little girls.

Growing up, the kitchen was always a place my mother, sister and I bonded. We loved watching her every move, learning her special ways while hoping to snag a few teaser bits before it was served. Today, my sister and I both love cooking and we can honestly thank our beautiful mother for passing on her passion and love onto us. Being able to prepare food for people you love is a true gift. So, this Christmas Eve, get dressed up and enjoy your special family dinner. For me, Christmas Eve dinner is the ultimate Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas!

xx Natalie


Photography: Chelsea Chorpenning