why you need to oil up

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Living here in Colorado at 5,000 feet the weather is high and most certainly dry ... which makes for extremely dry skin. So when it comes to moisturizer I go running to top fixer, facial oil! I was originally scared that face oils would make my skin breakout but actually my skin freaks out when I don't have oil on it. So, if you are scared, I suggest diving right into the jar of youth.

After years of being in the modeling industry I was constantly looking at girls with amazing skin. I would ask all the girls who I thought had flawless skin what they used and the common denominator was always "face oil" and lots of it! From that point on I took note and have been slathering my face with all different types of oils. Not only does my skin look better, it feels amazing too. Remember, most oils have potent antioxidants and are packed with tons of organic nutrients for your skin. Oils also hit your skin on a deeper level and help keeping your skin's vital hydration locked in. So basically the moral of the story is to OIL UP.

Below I am sharing all my favorite oils and yes I use them all and love them no matter if I buy at the grocery store or at a high-end retailer. Enjoy!


These two oils are staples on my beauty shelf and I use them on a daily basis. The Avalon Organics Intensive Defense oil is amazing because of it's main ingredient Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with diminishing sun spots and gives your skin that youthful glow. The Trilogy Rosehip oil is a powerful antioxidant that contains essential fatty acids that improve skin hydration, elasticity, and assists skin cell renewal. These two brands are found online as well as any Whole Foods store across the country. If you look in my purse I will always have one of these bad boys with me.  



My friend Candice Kumai introduced me to Julep, needless to say I'm a huge fan! The "Boost Your Radiance" oil is great for when my skin is feeling extra dry. I also like it because it helps with hyperpigmentation. If you follow me, you know I love all products from Indie Lee. Her squalane facial oil promotes skin elasticity, diminishes age spots, and boosts cell regeneration. I have introduced so many people to her brand and I can honestly say everyone is always obsessed. 


Who doesn't want to leave their house feeling amazing with radiant glowing skin!? Jesse Golden's Youth Beauty Face Oil is a serum that has super powers! Not only is the product incredible, but you can feel Jesse's energy in every drop. I'm not kidding ... it's magical. Take one look at Jesse and you will be signing up for whatever she does, I promise you! My next favorite is the nourishing supercritical cleaning oil by Maya Chia. We often forget that taking off our makeup with harsh products can irritate our skin. Once I started using this product I never looked back.  


Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning