food for your skin

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As you know, I am constantly on the hunt for new skin tricks for you guys. With everyone always talking about food facials, natural scrubs, and toners, I decided to try a bunch of DIY methods out myself. Honestly, it was actually refreshing! After you get over the fact that you are slathering an avocado on your face you start to enjoy how it feels. Food is a safe and organic way to nourish your skin. Today, I will be sharing 8 unique ways you can pull items from your kitchen cupboards and use them as your new DIY skincare products.

The Toner | Apple Cider Vinegar
This kitchen staple is best used as a toner. Not only do people take a shot of ACV for a optimum gut health but this liquid gold also doubles as a natural estringent. Simply take a cotton ball and add a tiny bit of ACV to it, once wet gently wipe your face.
The Hydrating Oil | Avocado
If you read my post about my favoite oils, you know how much I rely on oils for my skin care, and avocado oil is my newest addition. This oil is extremely good for hydrating and softening your skin. It is also recommeneded as an effective treatement for acne and other forms of skin inflammation.
The Anti-inflammatory Mask | Honey
Honey is amazing for your skin. This moisturizing mask leaves your skin feeling hydrated all day long. Not only is honey good for moisture it's anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce redness and calm down infection. Simily apply a layer of the honey on your skin and let it rest for about 30 minutes then wash off with warm water. If you are having a cup of hot tea you can slip a little honey in the water too! Why not make is multi-functional!
The Body Scrub | Brown Sugar
I love using brown sugar! All you have to do is mix brown sugar, and a bit of avocado oil in a small container. Then slowly rub it all over your body and rinse off with warm water. It leaves your skin super soft, and it smells delicious! Talk about a pocket-friendly beauty trick too!
The Exfoliator | Coffee Grounds
This is one of my favorite tips, because you can exfoliate and enjoy your morning cup of coffee at the same time. After you brew your cup of joe, wait for the grounds to cool and then rub the grounds gently over your face. Then rinse with warm water. This is great for peole who love coffee like I do!
The Hydration Mask | Yogurt
Want to reduce fine lines? The lactic acid in yogurt helps dissolve dead skin cells and helps tighen your skin. I loved this mask because it was cooling too. My skin felt really refreshed and rested.
The Scrub | Oats
Who knew you could eat your breakfast while using the same mixture to exfoliate your face! So for this scrub, take 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and 3 tablespoons of water, and wait about ten minutes for the oats to become soft, then gently rub and massage to clean your face and exfoliate your skin. It also is great for people with sensitive skin. This scrub is amazing for all skin types.
The Makeup Remover | Coconut Oil
Ahhh! I literally love coconut oil and I use it every day to remove my makeup. Honstly, best trick ever! The oil also does a great job removing your makeup and doesn't irrite your skin, it actully does the opposite and adds moisture back in.

Photography by: Chelsea Chorpenning